About HardSoft

It’s a long story…Once upon a time in Sawbridgeworth…

Andrew and Phil Morgan became the Co-Founders of HardSoft back in 1983. The year was 1984, Apple has just launched the first Macintosh whilst Amstrad’s beige plastic heaps dominated the market. Phil, just 14 years old was a young & excited programmer wielding the formidable Dragon 32 computer & pushing its 32K RAM & the gaming genre to their limits.

At that time a flagship Elonex PC with an Intel 25MHz 486 CPU could be as much as £3000! This was an issue for many businesses hesitant to invest in this young market without a safety net. Andy, head of Sales, retreated to brood & ponder. He needed to make it less of a risky investment for businesses to get their hands on the hardware they needed. HardSoft needed to make their products, not just the best available, they needed to make them affordable.

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